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Maternite «ekwotame» - Tiv, Nigeria

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Maternite «ekwotame»
Tiv, Nigeria
light brown wood, dark spotty patina, sitting on a stool, carrying a child on her back, a cylindrical torso with tribe-typical scarification marks, sloping shoulders merging into free worked shortened arms, a columnar neck is surmounted by an oval head with scarification marks in the area of the cheeks and the mouth, min. dam., missing parts through insect caused damage (base), cracks, signs of abrasion; deriving from the border district between the Tiv and the Idoma.
The informations about the usage of the figure are contradictory. Sieber was told, that such figures are not «juju», but were placed near to the corpse of old men at their funeral. Kasfir was told in contrast, that it is a very powerful «juju», ensuring wealth, fertility, luck and protection.
H: 64 cm

Lit.: Phillips, Tom (Hg.), Afrika, Die Kunst eines Kontinents, Berlin 1996, p. 370

Thème : Objets d'Art