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Vente du Samedi 5 juillet 2008

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Lot 338 : Seated female figure - Idoma, Nigeria

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Seated female figure
Idoma, Nigeria
wood, painted in white, black and yellow ochre, seated on a circular stool, showing the bulging abdomen of a pregnant woman, broad and square shoulders, free carved arms with both hands resting on the upper legs, a strong neck supporting a spherical head with flattened facial plane and a disc-shaped crested coiffure in openwork design, the face dominated by a big teeth revealing mouth, raised scarification marks on temples and upper part of the body, slightly dam., cracks; about 1800 the Idoma settled in the area where the Niger and the Benue river flow together. Their art and sacred rites were influenced by the Igala, Igbo and other ethnical groups of the Cross River area. Seated female figures with children or -like in this case, in state of pregnancy- embody fertility, a central theme within the whole region.
H: 93 cm

Lit.: Kerchache, Jacques, Paudrat, Jean-Louis, Stephan, Lucien, Die Kunst des Schwarzen Afrika, Freiburg, Basel, Wien 1988, p. 554